My name is Zach Silverman, born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. While pursuing several fields of study from Indiana University Bloomington, I discovered that my true passion is information processing and perception. Though my academic career may be over for now, my thirst for diversifying my knowledge and skills are only intensifying.

Currently residing in Boulder, Colorado, I have involved myself in IT groups such as Code For Boulder, TechStars, and various Meetups. While working for Boulder-based startups, I continued to explore my personal interests. For instance, I have utilized Stanford Online courses and Codeacademy to sharpen my Front End development skills, as well as learn new programming languages.

I am constantly finding ways to expand upon my knowledge base in as many fields as possible, since I believe that one cannot fully understand a topic without comprehending how it effects all related topics.

Using my surroundings, social interactions, and digital media as inspiration, I have created an Agile-like system to deliver high functioning, sleek, user-friendly interfaces to clients of all types.

Feel free to contact me via email or view my other online profiles on LinkedIn and GitHub!


  • Created a responsive HTML5 website.
  • Utilized Angular JS and Twitter Bootstrap to create a clean site for all devices.
  • Commented code thoroughly and managed hosting.


  • Supported the migration of the website from Drupal to Sitecore (700+ pages).
  • Collaborated with several teams to update the content of over 300 pages.
  • Built webpages for Webinars, Blogs, Articles, and conferences.
  • Utilized Freshdesk to manage tickets.
  • Created thorough documentation and training materials for future Web Team members.


  • Designed Ecommerce website and utilized Wix for creation.
  • Organized fonts and designed Pimpont logo.
  • Utilized Adobe Photoshop to create ads
  • Supplemented the site with Google Analytics to better understand website users.

Aljex Software

  • Responded to tickets by creating new and unique features, fixed bugs, and was an active member in group programming jobs.
  • Introduced the company to Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and ran weekly Marketing reports.
  • Organized all internal data, information, documents, and protocols by creating a private wiki, as well as a public-facing wiki for the customers.
  • Improved the Wordpress website by making content edits as well as UI/UX edits.
  • Organized and edited all content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Vimeo.


  • Utilized Shopify Ecommerce platform to edit an out-dated website for the owner, a woman with Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Updated overall aethestics, enhanced images and links, adjusted site architecture, and helped someone in need!


  • Attempted to start a Small Business Advertising App.
  • Programmed the User Interface using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Managed a development team of 3 employees.
  • Designed logo and managed graphic design.
  • Performed market research in the Boulder and Denver Metro areas.
  • Created and managed Social Media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).
  • Developed Marketing campaigns, both short-term and long-term.

Modeling Audition in a Predator-Prey Environment

  • Programmed a Python GUI to further understand audition.
  • Constructed a hierarchical model of levels in a food chain.
  • Implemented a learning algorithm amongst the Predator class.

Predator Class: Blue
Prey Class: Magenta
Grass Class: Green
Rock Class: Red

A Brief Study of Gayface

  • Designed and programmed a Python GUI to determine if sexual orientation can be accurately determined solely by observing a man’s face.
  • Uploaded the data sets to Microsoft Excel and used SPSS to determine their significance.
  • Wrote a paper on my findings and presented to the Cognitive Science Department and peers at Indiana University

ZAS Longboards

Created in 2011, ZAS Longboards drives towards personalized boards designed uniquely for each customer. Each board is hand crafted to meet the expectations of the customer, and then discuss how to expand upon that idea. I use high quality pine and oak wood, and use a variety of tools to cut, shape, and add aesthetically pleasing details. I hand paint each graphic and add 2 layers of polyurethane to protect the image as well as to make the wood water-resistant.

Flash Flash Revolution

A keyboard rhythm game, similar to Dance Dance Revolution. Currently ranked top 950 out of 2M internationally.

Replay 1
Replay 2
Replay 3

A Brief Study of Unstable Optical Illusions

The idea of perception has been contemplated and argued by philosophers and neuroscientists alike, as well as by common folk. It has been an interest to humankind since consciousness arose, though it has gained more popularity due to the development of cognitive psychology in the late 19th century. One aspect that remains an integral segment of human consciousness is visual awareness.

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A Brief Study of Vertical Agriculture

Vertical gardening has become increasingly popular due to Stanley Hart Wright’s research and patents beginning in 1938 (Hindle 2012). He proposed that vegetation such as ground cover or vine- like plants can be grown on a vertical medium, and became very successful for his work as well as his teachings. Most modern vertical gardens are used for aesthetic purposes and for improving air quality. Recently, urban permaculture has become a hot topic as overpopulation is causing a greater need for food. If vertical agriculture, or growing crops horizontally, can be performed efficiently and on a large scale, then this method could help resolve the continuing need for food as well as other environmental issues that we currently face.

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A Brief Study of the Phonological Differences
Between Gay and Straight Males

Homosexuality has been present in the Earth’s history from when animals ruled the planet to the times of Greek men wrestling nude and beyond. However, identifying homosexual men in a crowd of people is dependent upon factors such as how they dress or even how they walk. Many people find phonological cues to be quite useful to determine one’s sexual orientation. In other words, there are certain sounds that gay men articulate that are associated with women more so than men. Phrases such as having a “gay lisp” arise from this.

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The Effects of Alcohol on Vowel Articulation

For this experiment, I was curious to see how exactly alcohol effects one’s articulation of vowels, both monophtongs and dipthongs, and vowels followed by a coloring consonant. My hypothesis is that when intoxicated, vowel sounds will become more centralized due to the depressant (alcohol) inhibiting the motion of the tongue and mouth. In order to prevent extraneous variables from influencing my data, I attempted to find males that were similar in age, height, tolerance to alcohol, etc…

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